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By msjazznote, Feb 1 2020 04:30AM

Singer Sylvia Bennett has a lengthy career and has been consistently churning out CDs over the years. Discovered by Lionel Hampton, she releases music that you can fall in love with and her latest single is no exception. “It’s Impossible” from her upcoming release This Love is Real features bassist Nathan East on the jazzy pop track.

By msjazznote, Feb 1 2020 04:11AM

Singer and guitarist Raul Midón is scheduled to release his 11th studio album called The Mirror on March 13. We are already playing the CD’s first single “I Love the Afternoon” on #jazzmoodsradio It features a piquant bossanova rhythm that is peppered with Raul’s strong and passion-filled vocals. High spirited and danceable, this track is indeed a mood changer.

By msjazznote, Feb 1 2020 03:30AM

The new Vibes Alive CD is expected to hit the stores on March 6, and from it we’re playing the title track “Vibrasonic” on #jazzmoodsradio The band features vibraphonist Dirk Richter and guitarist Randall Crissman. This fast-moving track produces great euphoria with each listen. Futuristic sounding elements, fun synths and a frolicking guitar make for a cool vibe that’s absolutely necessary. Indulge.

By msjazznote, Feb 1 2020 03:20AM

Sax player Keith McKelly has released his new single “Legend” and what a coincidence that it features the very iconic Bob James. The Ohio born LA based saxophonist has worked with a list of musicians on the R&B and Jazz roster including Mary J Blige, Marcus Johnson, Usher and Phil Bailey to name a few. “Legend” is a full-bodied smooth jazz track that glows with gleeful sax. The notes take a fun ride on a melody that is big on grooveability.

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